Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is beauty?

"What is beauty, and why do people worship it?” This question has disturbed mankind since ancient times.
Some time ago it was considered that a certain average standard of beauty was an evolutionary advantage, increasing the chances of survival and reproduction. According to that theory, nature produces many copies only when the original is worthy of reproduction.

More recently, scientists decided to prove the existence of visual harmony with algebra, and they discovered that... a standard of beauty does not even exist. Nature has presented an illusion to us, for practical reasons.
Meanwhile, psychologists have proven that these practical reasons have nothing to do with "evolutionary survival".
Experts at the University of California found that people recognize "beauty" based on the ease of processing visual information. The easier it is for the eye to absorb the person’s facial features, the more "beautiful" the face is thought to be. The ultimate in "perfect" looks is simply our brain's ability to process visual data with as little effort as possible.
Even more subjective is the popular appeal of facial features, which is connected to the absolute commonality of a stereotype. In plain language, beautiful people are those who most closely resemble what the majority of us imagine to be "us". At least that's the finding of American psychologists.

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