Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is Beauty

Even more subjective is the popular appeal of facial features, which is connected to the absolute commonality of a stereotype. In plain language, beautiful people are those who most closely resemble what the majority of us imagine to be "us". At least that's the finding of American psychologists.
At the end of the last century, the features of hundreds of famous beautiful women and handsome men were compared by means of computer analysis. It turned out that the anthropometrical parameters of all the "stars" were similar to one another.
Actually, this "dislike" of the human brain for the task of processing complicated visual information was revealed as far back as the 19th century. Psychologists called the phenomenon “lazy brain”. It is evident not only in the critique of a person’s portrait, but also in the choice of a car, a dog, even a watch.
The California researchers conducted experiments showing some pictures to participants and asking them to rate the beauty of each. At the same time, the participants' reaction rates were measured. Those pictures that were finally recognized as beautiful had been classified very quickly, in the shortest time. And all the parameters matched a widespread (common) standard.
All of this confirms a fact that has been suspected for a long time: The most boring and unoriginal experience, visually speaking, is looking at a photo model’s beautiful face on the cover of a fashion magazine. Now it's been proven by science.
Ring "Picasso", created by Renata Grabois. Far from the stereotype of "beauty".
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