Thursday, June 1, 2017

Selling a part of myself

There are things that you can part with easily. And there are jewels that are difficult to give up to the buyer.

Like these earrings. They are made of iridized and dichroic glass. I wore them a few times, and they became my favorite earrings. But they were shown with the sales items – it's logical to show the best works. A regular client has come and chosen them. I made a sale, but I don’t feel real pleasure. In fact, I cannot simply turn out another one. Glass is unpredictable, much more than many other materials.
I completely understand artists who do not want to sell their pictures.  More designers jewelry

Monday, May 15, 2017

Adam & Eve – silver necklace with decorative support - objet de vitrine

It has always seemed unfair to me that unique jewellery is usually locked up, without seeing the light of day.
Therefore, I created a genre of jewellery that is fitted with decorative supports - objet de vitrine
This jewellery can be displayed in your vitrine, but also worn when needed.
These include mini silver and glass sculptures made according to sketches by the artist Dan Bereznitsky. 
The glass stand is made of transparent dark purple glass, created using a fusing method.
The pendant with silver chain is decorated with dichroic glass cabochon – from which the apple is formed. 


I made 10 such cabochons before I could choose one. I initially doubted whether the apple could be lilac.

But then I thought about how the story of Adam and Eve was meant to have taken place so long ago, if it ever happened at all, and so I could afford to choose any color suiting the design.
The jewellery is decorated with black diamond, garnet, and citrin.