Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Keepsake for Life

   It was the order of a mother for her daughter, who was getting married soon. The idea was a small silver ring - a gift to express everything a mother wishes for her daughter and her new family as they face the future. No more – and no less – than that.

     I suggested to her about 10 different designs, and this is the one she chose.

    Set into this ring is a rotating drum with four faces and gold balls on the ends.On each face of the drum is a combination of three gold Hebrew letters, spelling out one of the 72 names of God passed down in mystical Jewish tradition.

Alef Lamed Dalet is a prayer for protection from the evil in the world.   

Hei Hei Ayn represents unconditional love, the way a mother loves her child… the way husbands and wives should love each other.     

Yud Yud Yud stands for the ability to distinguish and bypass the negative people in your life, and relate only to those who are healthy for you. 


Nun Mem Mem is a reminder to listen to your own soul, and always be yourself.

It’s a unique jewelry gift with more than just graceful beauty… its messages will stay relevant every day of her life.

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