Friday, September 6, 2013

Do customers like my designs?...

Two years ago a customer ordered a small Pendant from It was this one from my Judaica collection, with dichroic glass and a silver "Chai" (the Hebrew word for “life”). 

The customer was from Israel and purchased the pendant as a gift for somebody from the USA. 
I made the pendant, sent it, then checked to make sure that the customer received it.

And that was the end. Did he like it, or not? Was the person who received this gift happy with it? Any reaction would have been welcome.
And actually as a rule, many customers do give me feedback, telling me what they think of the jewelry. But this order was small, so I did not feel comfortable to ask him.

It’s taken two years, but I got my answer. One week ago I receive an email from that same customer. 

Hi Leah,
About 2 years ago I bought from you a pendant (see below).
Unfortunately, the person who wore it lost it some time ago.
Do you still have this model?
If yes, I would like to buy another piece.

So I made another one. And now I do know: he liked it then, and still does – and so does the recipient. The proof is that they are anxious to replace it.


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