Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Packaging for orders from our online jewelry store (

This lovely illustration for our company packaging label was created by the wonderful artist Dan Bereznitsky – who happens to be my nephew!
Everything I wanted is in it: my favorite street in Vilnius, with its church towers in the distance… and the young lady who goes directly to my shop to choose a lovely, unique, handmade piece of jewelry from the Original Artisan’s Collection. Best of all is the timeless feeling of the scene. Modern cities include both cars and horse-drawn vehicles… you can’t really tell what century it is, and who cares? 
It just proves that original, beautiful things don’t have to conform to any particular fashion trend.


  1. I have just started reading your past posts.

    I love how you put so much thought into your trademark design.

    This is so refreshing and truly has me taking a closer look at true inspired and thought provoking art...not just the physical eye appeal of it.

  2. Thanks Jan!
    I'll be glad, if you'll join us :)

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