Monday, October 24, 2011

Wedding Rings from the Mediterranean Sea

For a long time I have wanted to create a collection of wedding rings. But it was so difficult to invent something new…. The market is over-saturated with wedding rings, and something like that is meaningful only if it's an original, unique design. 
On the one hand, in today's market we have the ability to design in 3D, which opens up huge possibilities! On the other hand, it also means that any design you want, you can probably copy it from the Internet. So, I thought, what handmade design could I create that's impossible to repeat? Nothing in particular occurred to me…. 
When an idea hatches in my head, it takes on a life of its own. Eventually it turns out that everywhere I look, this idea involuntarily hints at its possibilities and tries to materialize in front of me. Especially when
walking on the beach. It was the first summer that I didn't need to go to the university, so I spent every morning on the beach. 
The beach in Haifa is sandy - not many stones. So when you do come across stones on the beach, they tend to stand out with very interesting textures. In the past when I found such stones, I was reluctant to throw them back. I knew I wouldn't find another stone exactly like that, as unique a design as anyone could want.... 
In time I wondered if I could make rings with such textures. My walking on the beach took on a purpose, pondering the texture of one stone after another. How would this one look on metal?  I sorted out my beach stones by texture type. 
At home I selected a few and filled their surfaces with wax. I removed the wax molds, then trimmed and polished them. I made a cast model of each. As usual, I rejected more than half of these experiments, but a few remained.

It makes sense: When you want to find more creative ideas, go study the Creator's work!


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