Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy End (Competition) Surprise photographer.

I talked about my problem at Tel Aviv University, where I was working at the time. And my coworker Ira said that her daughter Marina was seriously into photography.

"Well, ask her if she's interested in the job," I said to Ira, but without much hope. If experienced photographers thought it should be handled by an expert on jewelry shots, what could a girl without experience do?
Marina looked at the handbag, and then looked at my photos. She promptly rejected me as a model.
   "Wrong age, wrong complexion," she said confidently. "Try to think of 
    someone else who could model it."
I started to scroll through names in my head.... Who among my relatives or young friends could be a model...? Then I had it – Judith!
"Marina, let's try my niece. She lives in the same city, which makes things even easier. And it means you need only me to arrange it for you."
On the agreed day, we gathered at Marina’s house. At the last minute, Judith found a suitable dress. We made several hundred pictures, and then we chose from them.
One week before the deadline of the competition, the photos were ready. And then it was necessary to make prints. Three days prior to the deadline, I sent all the documents by EMS (urgent) mail.
In two weeks, I received an answer. At an international competition of the best designers in the world, my handbag had taken Second Place!!
I was walking on air! But I was not surprised. Strange, but all the time I had known
I would do it.

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