Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taking shape

I began to draw sketches. It was necessary to think about all the links, a fastener, a strap, stones. And no less easy, I needed to make models.
When I began this project, I had a year for its creation before I had to present it in the competition, which was a good thing. It's impossible - and forbidden - to rush things like this.
My desire to capture a prize was huge. Maybe that's why it was so difficult to settle on the design.
Doubts, indecision... each one seemed not quite right. Eventually I returned to the first idea: an upper section shaped like a flower, with a triangular bottom. After making it all out of brass, I bought the silver. At that point I barred myself from further indecision.
One month before the deadline for submitting the work, the handbag was ready.

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