Monday, December 27, 2010

Seeds of Happiness

Once the woman had a dream. She walked into a shop, and behind the counter there stood the Lord God.
"My God! It's really You!" she exclaimed with surprised pleasure.
"Yes, it is I," answered God with a smile.
"And what it is possible to buy in Your shop?" the woman asked.
"I have everything that IS possible," came the Answer.
"In that case," she answered with excitement, "please give me health, happiness, love, success and a lot of money."
God smiled kindly and knowingly, then He disappeared into the storage room behind the display counter.
After a while, He returned with a small box in His hands.
"This is it?" The surprised and disappointed woman responded.
"Yes, this is everything you asked for," said God. Then He added:
"Perhaps you didn't know that in My Shop, only the seeds are for sale."

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