Thursday, November 25, 2010

To go on work in evening dress.

 I don’t remove this chain –said me a women with thick gold chain on
her neck.
Many women have one favorite jewel, something like gold chain, or brilliant earrings, that they like to wear every day, to work and in the evening. I always thought, that it’s the same –what to wear evening dress, even very beautiful as casual wear. I guess –there are only few women, that think –it’s a good teste.
And recently in internet depth, I found good sentence about that. In the end of XIX century in the book for women with name “ What Suit For You” is said: “ Not only your dress have to suit to your jewels, but also the furniture of the room – there where you are.
Not natural, and Not beautifull, when you wear diamonds for the walk, or with home dress. Even artificial diamonds seems ridiculous with such wear.
   Even favorite does not suit for any situation.

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