Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Role of Jewellery in your Career...

I don't share this opinion, but the article is interesting

If you are facing clients and important people…
Attaining goals with jewellery, sounds ridiculous right? Well, here is how jewellery can actually help you achieve some of the much dream projects and important deals in your 
career and that might also
bring about a great change in many other aspects of your life.
Let us see how jewellery can bring about a change in your career. If you are a part of the corporate world, then your wardrobe must include professional attires and outfits. But what jewellery have you got to wear to office? Here you need the right jewellery that gels well with the professional get up. For everyday wear to office, you can get some light bead jewellery or crystal jewellery with a toned down look. Actually, the toned down sober look is what goes best with the regular office outfit.
However, if you are facing clients and important people almost everyday, or for client meets, the simple looking jewellery would not be as effective as a pearl necklace with pearl ear pieces. You can also make yourself look charming and impressive with light diamond jewellery. The idea is to keep it light but glamorous, so that you draw everyone's attention towards YOU, and not your jewellery or what you wear.
Looking good with the right selection of also proves that you take good care of yourself and whatever you do. That might also give your clients an idea that their projects would be well cared for.


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