Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fashion or Style?

I've never considered our jewelry to be very "fashionable", but I've always thought of it as "stylish". Although the difference between these two concepts is not so obvious, I somehow instinctively knew that there was a difference, and a profound one at that.
I finally found a good list that expresses what I was sensing:

Fashion is material. Style is soul.

Fashion is a costume. Style is a character.

Fashion originates on the outside. Style is born inside.

Fashion is duplicated and manufactured. Style is uniquely crafted.

Fashion equalizes people. Style distinguishes people.
Fashion is followed in submission. Style is expressed in freedom.
Fashion is for a short time. Style — for a lifetime.
Style does not exclude following a fashion, but from a psychological standpoint the motives are vastly different. Among other things, style is not limited by financial possibilities, as is our access to the latest fashions.
Style expresses much more precisely who we are. It hints at our personal boundaries, values, self-awareness and attitude toward life. "Style" is what we are looking for when we are trying to be "fashionable".

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