Monday, January 31, 2011

A Cure for Fear of Criticism

Over the past few weeks, I have been promoting our Internet shop. This has included many posts to advertise our presence in different communities. Sometimes it brings new orders and inquiries, and other times a storm of caustic replies to both the advertising address and the shop address.
Of course I'm delighted with the first category of responses. The others... are usually unkind,
irrational and at times even unrepeatable. The popular term "flaming" is an accurate description - just reading them can produce a nasty burning sensation in the soul.
But there is another way of looking at this phenomenon, expressed well by an American politician (quoted in a book by one P. Breg), who took a broader view of on-line flamers:
"If nobody flames your email address or criticizes your posts, you should be worried. It means that you are a passive and uninteresting person."
That makes sense. A negative response means that you have managed to move someone to at least respond. No reaction at all means a failure to arouse any interest at all.
So I am choosing to interpret the negative replies as proof that I am able to provoke a response. It certainly takes the sting out of being "flamed"!

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