Thursday, October 28, 2010

If You Need Proof

Once a Greek philosopher came and said to one of the Jewish sages: "We philosophers believe that the world is eternal and always was as it is; you Jews believe that the world was created. But you can prove it?"

"Yes, I can," the sage answered. "Come back tomorrow."

The next day, having returned to the sage, the philosopher saw on a table a parchment with text written on it. Examining it, the philosopher said, "This manuscript is wonderful! The idea expressed in it is interesting... and the text with its calligraphy is beautiful, so skillfully written! Who wrote it?"
The sage looked surprised. "Why, nobody wrote it! There was simply an inkwell on the table, and the wind blew, spreading the ink around on the parchment... and this is how it turned out."
"You can't be serious!" the philosopher exclaimed. "Behind every manuscript there has to be an author!"
"But isn't the world much more perfect and complex than this manuscript?" the sage answered. "If writing must have an author, how much more you can be sure that the world has an Author."

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