Friday, October 15, 2010

Very Good Taste

"I've had very good taste since I was a child."

We were with a group of friends, and I looked more closely at the woman who said that. Let's call her Sara.
She's a successful scientific professional. In her spare time, Sara said, she creates matched sets out of ready-made findings.
It seemed they were all on display that day.
A bright blue blouse. On her neck, turquoise beads the same color as the blouse. A chain and a pendant filled with glittering-white marcasite stones – also on her neck. A bracelet with turquoise stones. And turquoise earrings, too. An enormous ring made of turquoise, and one more made of gold. Oh, and one more gold bracelet. And, last but not least, a garnet brooch on her jacket lapel.
They say there is no disputing about "taste". So I didn't argue... but I made a mental note for myself. Actually two notes:
1. "Every individual is an island" when it comes to the perception of what is fitting, harmonious or beautiful. Even if a person is absolutely convinced of "good taste", it takes more than that to convince me.
2. It's not always true that "seeing is believing"; sometimes it's "disbelieving". After all, if someone had simply told me that Sara "has good taste", I would have accepted it as an established fact.

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