Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hands and Head

As I started my training at the course in jewelry art, I looked around.
There were 12 trainees in our group. Some of them were women who wanted to do something interesting during their sabbatical (a year-long holiday given every seven years to certain professionals, like teachers). Others were guys interested in some metal-working experience. (What's the classical jewelry craft about, if not metal-working?)
We were taught to solder, bend and grind metal. By the time that first lesson was over, I could think up a whole series of decorations which I was now able to make.
But I put a lid on the daydreams. I knew that my head would leave my hands far behind. First it was necessary to train the hands, to master a lot of technique, to understand what was within my reach and what was not "doable".
The studies were organized in such a way that by the end of a three-hour lesson, everyone would finish making an "end product". Many of the students succeeded in that.
I was not so lucky.

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