Thursday, June 30, 2011

Selling a part of myself

There are things that you can part with easily. And there are jewels that are difficult to give up to the buyer.
Like these earrings. They are made of  iridized and dichroic glass. I wore them a few times, and they became my favorite earrings. But they were shown with the sales items – it's logical to show the best works. A regular client has come and chosen them. I made a sale, but I don’t feel real pleasure. In fact, I cannot simply turn out another one. Glass is unpredictable, much more than many other materials.

I completely understand artists who do not want to sell their pictures.


  1. Hi Leah,

    I don't know if my previous entry passed or not, so I will write it again.

    I really appreciate your article. May I please ask you a question:

    I am interested in a piece of jewelry, a vintage fish pendant with a chain, marked טביו, and 12K. The marks are both hand made. From my research online it seems that 12K is almost always associated with GF. This one does not mention GF. Was it common for Israeli jewelers to mark 12 K on a piece of jewelry based on their gold testing? There is also a mark that appears as a round M or maybe an inverted ש .

    Thank you so much for your help, if you don't mind. I am currently in the US but habitually live in Israel. And also did a Zorfut course for a year and a half in Israel!

    Love your blog. Thank you


  2. Hi Daisy
    Sorry for the delay with the answer - i was out.
    About the goldfilled and 12K gold - I don't think so. As I know there is such mark GF, which means gold filled.
    And the gold layer in it is 14K gold.
    I think - 12K means solid Gold 12 K, and not gold filled.
    Hope, this will help.