Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Customer Portrait

In all advice on marketing, it is recommended to make a virtual portrait of my potential buyer. Since most of my sales are transacted through the Internet, I am naturally not familiar with those who buy my jewelry.
Still, it’s really interesting for me to imagine who she is.... the woman who has bought (or will want to buy) our jewelry.
So here is my best guess:

1. She is at least 28 years old – an age when most women have acquired their own sense of style.
2. She prefers artistic inspiration from the East more than from the West.
3. She wants ornaments that emphasize her appearance, not hide it.
4. She would rather look elegant every day than sparkle a few times for special occasions.
5. It's more important to her to express her own individual style than to follow a fashion trend.
6. She appreciates the difference between mass-produced objects and works of art.
7. She will not compromise her own personal taste to please others

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