Sunday, April 24, 2011

How did women go so wrong

The fashion gurus have got it all wrong, claims an expert in visual perception. Far from making you look thinner, wearing clothes with vertical stripes will accentuate your girth
Women of a certain age will be replacing their wardrobes and Geordie football fans will be crying into their Newcastle Brown Ale. Scientists have discovered that the fashion mantra that wearing vertical stripes makes you look thinner is not true. In fact, horizontal stripes are more flattering to those with a less than perfect physique.
The accepted wisdom from fashion gurus is that an outfit with vertical stripes appears to elongate your figure by drawing the eye up and down. Horizontal stripes supposedly do the opposite, making that unruly paunch look even larger than it actually is.

1 comment:

  1. Vertical stripes are exceptionally unflattering on me and I thought I was the only aberrant one. For me, the vertical lines accentuate the big bum and the horizontal lines flatter the waist. Thanks for the post!