Thursday, April 15, 2010

What remains from a fairy-tale after it has completely been told?

These are the words of an old song; I do not remember who composed it. For some reason, they occur to me each time when I finish some work. The thing seems to start living its own life, leaves for the customer or puts itself up for sale…
What remains in it from my infatuation with which I have begun it? What from my energy remains in it?.. Neither I nor designers whose things will be for sale in my shop of ArtLeah expose wares in which the designer does not have a hand in.
Today most of very expensive decorations are fully designed with 3D-modeling programs. They usually use standard elements.
Then a machine-tool makes wax models, then a molder makes foundries, and only then a polisher who has had no notion about its original design renders the product marketable. Today's expensive jewelry with diamonds is eye-catching and beautiful. But very rarely do I see the imprint of master's individuality on them...

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